Speech in Graduation ceremony at the University

I was invited the graduation ceremony in our partner University in Manila as guest speaker for their IT (Computer Science) students. I gave a speech to 100 graduating students, their family and guests total around 400 audience about the current situation of the engineers and the recruitment of IT companies in Japan and their expectation for […]

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Visited 3 Schools in Manila

In this Manila trip, we visited 3 schools (University, Graduate school and Vocational) there. The purpose is to discuss about Japanese Language lesson for their IT, Hospitality and Nursing course. Because all of them are private schools and our counter persons are President or Chairman, action ca be progressed fast.

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Interviews with graduating students in the Philippines for Japan

Completed the 30 interviews with graduating students in the Philippines for the 3 major group companies in Japan. These 30 candidates are qualified by the exam from more than 100 applicants from mainly UP and Ateneo. The positions are R&D related mobile networks. Finally 8 students passed!

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Jobfair of the University in Thailand

Visited the Jobfair of one University in Bangkok. Currently under the discussion with this Univ about the Japanese Language training for the students in IT and Hospitality/Tourism Dept. We are expecting to join their next jobfair^^

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Company talk and exam for Japanese companies

We arranged the company talk and exam at University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila for 3 Japanese clients. Their target is the students from ECE, CS, ME and the working venue is the headquarter in Japan. Because more students attended the talk an took the exam than we expected, we are sure the […]

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Attending Job Fair of Universities in the Philippines

We are attending the Job Fair of several Universities in Manila this year again to recruit the graduating students for our Japanese clients and also for our subsidiary Astra K-NET. Surely the fair provides us good chance to see many good students and also good opportunity to make the relationship with the placement office closer^^

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Visited Hospitality Dept. of the University in Manila

Visited the Hospitality dept of the Univ in Manila to progress our partnership in internship and matching for Japanese hotels bu the new visa from this Apr. Their facilities are rich for their students to learn reception, room making, Cafeteria etc. We are signing on the agreement of our partnership in my next visit!

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Visited two Universities in Manila

Had the meeting with two Universities in this trip. Reported the result of the last fresh graduates recruitment for one of our client in Japan and shared the detail of the new recruitment project for another client in Japan at the 1st school. At the 2nd school, we have agreed our partnership for matching their […]

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Interview by our Japanese client

We have done the interview by our Japanese company for their recruitment of the graduating students. The positions are Technical Sales for abroad and Machinery/Equipment Engineer at their headquarter in Tokyo. They have qualified the target number of candidates for the final interview in Japan next month.

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Companies trip in Tokyo for Hongkong students

Our another company Careermaker arranged the tour for Hongkong students to visit the companies in Tokyo. The purpose for the students is to know the Japanese companies’ business, culture, policy etc. We are expecting such companies to know they can find many good students in around Asia and make more opportunities to recruit from abroad!

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