Seminar about “Recruit from Asian Top Schools” Vol2

We hold the seminar “Recruit from Asian Top Schools” Vol.2 with Assign Navi for IT companies. One of our clients, who has hires fresh graduates from the Philippines every year since several years ago, made the presentation about their experience. I hope the audiences why this client has succeeded the recruitment.

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Visited the Universities in Manila

One of the main purposes in this Manila trip is the meetings with the Universities about the fresh graduates recruiting 2019 and the internship for our clients in Japan. Hope each project progresses on schedule^^

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Completed Nihongo Training

7 fresh graduates from the University of the Philippines completed 400hrs Nihongo training before leaving for Japan. Coz the graduation event is planed by themselves, we enjoy every time. They are working for our Japanese clients as Software engineer from Oct 1st. Good luck!!

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Astra K-NET 18th Anniversary

Went Teppanyaki lunch with Astra K-NET Philippines members for our 16th Anniversary. Astra Philippines was established in 2002 as software development subsidiary in Manila. I would like to thank our clients and Astra members!

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Hospitality Job Opportunity in Okinawa

We visited to Okinawa, which is Japan’s southern-most prefecture and the best beach resort in Japan, to discuss with several hotels and restaurants there. They have many foreign tourists but are short of workers locally. That’s why there are many opportunities for foreign people to work there^^  

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Seminar about “Recruit from Asian Top Schools” Vol2

We are holding the 2nd seminar with Assign Navi. One of our clients, who has recruited fresh graduates form the Philippines for their software development position, is making the lecture. This lecture must be very effective to know the actual experience in hiring and managing Filipino engineers^^

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Our original “Learning Management System”

The original LMS of Astra K-NET, located in Metro Manila, has been released. Hope it becomes another top-seller like Astra HRIS (HR Information System). And K-NET is considering to prepare the education contents about Japanese biz culture for our recruitment business.  

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Nihongo Training before starting to work in Japan

This batch started the Nihongo training in the 1st week of July. All of 7 students are fresh graduates from University of the Philippines. They are hired by Japanese companies as software/hardware development engineer. They are taking 400hrs lessons until Sept. Good luck!!

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Interview with the foreign students who are studying in Japan

We made the interview with 6 foreign students who are studying in master course of the University in Tokyo. 5 from china, another from Kenya. Their major is software engineering. All of them would like to join Japanese company after the graduation. We K-NET and our new company Careermaker are supporting for Japanese companies to […]

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Seminar about “Recruit from Asian Top Schools”

We are holding the seminar with Assign Navi. Our target is the companies in Japan who are considering to hire talented people from Asian countries.

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