Seminar Speech

Last week, I lectured “How to hire and how to manage the talented foreigners” to Japanese companies who are considering to recruit from abroad.

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19th Anniversary

Enjoyed 19th Anniversary of our Philippines subsidiary “Astra K-NET”. The celebration was held by online again coz of the pandemic. Hope we hold the bigger and F2F party for 20th celebration next year^^

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Online Nihongo Lesson

10 weeks of Online Japanese Language Class has been done. This batch is non-engineer candidates. I have schedule the individual interview to check each students progress. Hope some of them will be offered by Japanese companies^^

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Hiring “Full-stack engineer” for ERP, Web Apps

-Position : Full-stack engineer (Backend Application/Frontend Application) -Job description: Prototype / Mock-up development of WEB service, ERP etc (Planning, Design, Coding, Testing, Communication with Clients etc) -Working place: Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan Annual Salary: JPY7,000,000 – 15,000,000 -Requirements; More than 3 years working experience as Apps development engineer with *Java、PHP、Python、NodeJS、Framework、DATABase、Serverless、etc for “backend” *Javascript、HTML5、CSS、React、Angular、Vue、etc for “Frontend” *LoadBalancer、WAF、Docker、 […]

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Online Christmas Party

Today is last working day 2020 of Astra K-NET in the Philippines. Because all member are still working under WFH, we hold Online Christmas Party  last weekend. The presents were delivered by driver Roger to all home before the party^^ They looked happy! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!  

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Japanese Speaking Engineers

Online Nihongo Training has been on going since Aug. The candidates who would like to work in Japan as engineer are making self introduction movie in Nihongo. It will be released on our SNS!

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18th Anniversary

18th Anniversary of Astra K-NET!! Because of the Pandemic, all members are still under WFH. So we had only the online event this year. Instead hope bigger event 2021 for 19th^^

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Online Nihongo Lesson Week3

Online Nihongo lesson for the candidates who wanna work in Japan is in the 3rd week!!

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Interviewed by “SSW Online”

Our CEO was interviewed by “SSW(Specified Skilled Worker) Online” and talked about Filipino Talent such as Engineer, Caregiver, Hospitality etc. 約20年フィリピンでビジネスを行う K-NET川村社長に聞く「フィリピン人材採用のポイント -メリット・デメリット-」

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Online Nihongo Lesson

We have just started Online Nihongo Lesson for our 8 Filipino candidates who are all experienced engineers and would like to work in Japan. Software development Robotics Electronics Mechanical / Construction / Piping design with CAD Coz all of them have already Basic+ Nihongo skill, the target is “Daily Life conversation” Level. Hope all get the opportunity […]

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