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18th Anniversary

18th Anniversary of Astra K-NET!! Because of the Pandemic, all members are still under WFH. So we had only the online event this year. Instead hope bigger event 2021 for 19th^^

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Online Nihongo Lesson Week3

Online Nihongo lesson for the candidates who wanna work in Japan is in the 3rd week!!

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Interviewed by “SSW Online”

Our CEO was interviewed by “SSW(Specified Skilled Worker) Online” and talked about Filipino Talent such as Engineer, Caregiver, Hospitality etc. 約20年フィリピンでビジネスを行う K-NET川村社長に聞く「フィリピン人材採用のポイント -メリット・デメリット-」

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Online Nihongo Lesson

We have just started Online Nihongo Lesson for our 8 Filipino candidates who are all experienced engineers and would like to work in Japan. Software development Robotics Electronics Mechanical / Construction / Piping design with CAD Coz all of them have already Basic+ Nihongo skill, the target is “Daily Life conversation” Level. Hope all get the opportunity […]

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Metro Manila eases to GCQ

Metro Manila is set to implement a more relaxed community quarantine today. That’s great news! Under GCQ, more establishments will be allowed to re-open while those currently operating will be allowed to increase their workforce. Quarantine passes are no longer required. Public transportation will be allowed but at limited capacity to ensure social distancing. So […]

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Universities in Manila Current Situation

Currently under ECQ (MECQ form this weekend) in Metro Manila, Philippines until the end of this month. Universities there has been closed since the mid of Mar and can’t reopen until Aug 24. I have talked with several our partner schools. Many schools the students are graduating on the original without completing the semester and […]

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Our Recruitment Agency License is extended

The application for Our Recruitment Agency License extension in Japan is accepted by the Labor Bureau!

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WFH One month

One month has passed since we started WFH. We have the company activity through internet every Friday. Because our local manager and Admin are good at to handle such activities, I don’t concern their mental care.

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WFH 3rd Week

Week 3 is completed without any major trouble. Hope the Quarantine will be finished as the initial schedule…

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WFH 2nd Week

Work From Home of our our Philippines IT subsidiary “Astra K-NET” has be carried out since last week without any big problem. I’m sure the projects are OK, so we have to care also member’s Mental Health if this situation continues for a longer time…

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