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WFH 2nd Week

Work From Home of our our Philippines IT subsidiary “Astra K-NET” has be carried out since last week without any big problem. I’m sure the projects are OK, so we have to care also member’s Mental Health if this situation continues for a longer time…

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Due to the Corona Virus, our Philippines IT subsidiary “Astra K-NET” has started Work From Home since yesterday. We appreciate that our clients in Australia and Japan accept and support this. We can beat the virus!!

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Ateneo Jobfair

Jobfair of one University in Bangkok Thailand was cancelled even we had planed to join with Japanese clients in this month coz of Corona, but the Ateneo fair was done without any problem last week. We got many applicants there other than the company talk last month^^

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Exam for Working in Japan

Many of Japanese Clients arrange the exam to qualify for the interview. Especially it is important for the client who recruits Engineers to check the applicants skill and knowledge. Currently under the exam phase for several our Japanese clients who are hiring graduating students. Gambatte!!

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Company Outing!!

Our Philippines Branch “Astra K-NET” visited to Puerto Garela for the outing in this summer ^^

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Jobfair at University of the Philippines

Joined the Jobfair at UP Diliman College of Engineering with several Japanese clients who are recruiting the graduating students. They have gotten almost same number of entries as last few years. Hope many of the applicants get the opportunity to work in Japan through this event^^

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Mtg wiz our partner Universities in Manila

Had several meetings with Universities in Manila during this trip also. With Mapua University, we visited both Makati and Intramuros campus. The purposes are Providing Nihongo Class for their IT students Job ad posting to work in Japan for their engineering depts Thank you always^^

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Japanese Speaking IT Engineer

Last weekend, we made the interviews in Manila with experienced IT engineers who have Japanese Language. We had a lot of good quality candidates! We are sure many of our clients are interested in them for hiring in Japan^^

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New year party

We held the new year party with close Philippines related friends at Filipino restaurant in Roppongi Tokyo. Two of our Japanese clients who hired Filipino here in Japan. One client has hired since more than 10 years ago. Three of four the 1st batch still work in this client as IT engineer. One staff got […]

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Happy new year!! 仕事始め。 スタートダッシュは#フィリピン人材 新卒採用シーズンが始まるのでその顧客毎の個別対応。 そして金融系IT技術者、モバイルアプリ開発技術者、建築設計(3D CADオペレータ)等の中途採用案件。 そして #特定技能 案件がいよいよ手続きフェーズへ。 早く休みボケから復帰しないと😅 — Kawamura@🇵🇭🇯🇵🇹🇭高度外国人材採用支援 (@keik415) January 5, 2020

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